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National Association of Service Dogs is a nationally recognized, non-profit organization, which professionally certifies service dogs (and other special aid dogs or animals) to assist people with disabilities or special needs.
Ask yourself, why should you get your dog registered or certified as a service dog?  Because, seeing is believing.  As noted below the regulation clearly states that no documentation is required.  At least not on a federal level, yet.  Some states do require animals to be certified by other criteria and that requirement is growing year by year.  We provide a nationally recognized certification so when you are challenged (and you will be) by a business owner you can prove your service dog (or animal) is registered and certified.
So, do you want to take your service dog with you wherever you go?  If so, the process is very simple.  According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governed by the Department of Justice (DOJ), in this excerpt from this article posted at this ADA link the main questions about SERVICE DOG, OWNER'S RIGHTS AND BUSINESS OWNER'S RIGHTS are asked and answered.  We suggest reading the entire article before you continue with your service dog registration.
Do you already know about the legal rights of people with disabilities to take their service dog or service animal with them everywhere and are ready to get your certification identification now? If so CLICK HERE and start the process so we may complete your process quickly.  Our certification includes therapy dogs and other animals that provide aid for people with disabilities.

Annual membership is only $49.95
plus shipping/postage.
Your membership includes the following items:
A certificate with our corporate seal displaying your name,
your animals name, and expiration date

- Two laminated wallet size membership cards with
your name, member number, & service dog's name

- And one patch as shown below for vest or bandana 

The reason this is an "annual membership" is because your animal is required to maintain yearly health and vaccination standards. Our involvement and verification is also required by us to be performed annually and as needed when inquiries are made about you or your animal.
you may select the Add to Cart button below if you wish to
add other items to your purchase such as extra patches

Extra Patch only $7.95 each 
Extra patches always come in handy on a backup vest or bandana.
Two extra membership
cards only $14.95 
As a nonprofit organization we help others with the donations we receive from wonderful caring people like you. Thank you from all of us and from those who benefit from your donations.    












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